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Woody tends to forget the date - and the day of the week.

To help, I bought an atomic digital wall clock. It's battery-operated, sets itself by the time signals sent out by the government, and displays the month, the day the date and the time. Some models also display the weather and the moon-phase.

Place it in a prominent location where it's easy to see.
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The place I work is filled with caffeine addicts. Not only do we have regular coffee, we also have two kinds of Starbucks coffee (House Blend & French Roast).

Management decided that we were to stick a Post-It note on every pot brewed, so that we'd know when the coffee was made.

I had a better idea. I stuck a 12-side die in front of every pot. You indicate the time the coffee was made, by turning the corresponding time face up on the die.
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Woody can never remember our phone number. Or, our address.

So, I went out to VistaPrints and had some business cards made up. I even bought him a little case that he can carry a dozen or so cards with him.

Do they work?

Surprisingly, yes. We needed to give our name and address to the tennis coach last night. Rather than trying to find a slip of paper and something to write with, Woody took out his wallet, pulled out one of his cards and said, "Here. Let me give you my card."

Damn. I was so proud!


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