Jul. 12th, 2008

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An Emo moment.

Tonight was Mr. McStarbux going away party down at the local watering hole. I went to make an appearance and to give him the gift I bought for him. He insisted on opening it right there.

The dice cup was a good gift. He said that he plays lots of dice games and really liked the genuine leather dice cup.

But, it was the "coffee dice" that made the biggest hit. He told everyone how we had three coffee pots and he never knew which coffee was the freshest. Until I came along with the brilliant idea of putting D12 dies in front of every pot, so people could indicate the time each pot was made.

That made me feel really good.

I never said anything when I originally put the dice out. I just did it, with a sign showing how they should be used. I never knew that he had known that I had done it.

It was nice to be publicly acknowledged like that.

Afterwards, I went to the SOC and relieved the guy filling in on night shift, so he could get down to the party and say his goodbyes.


Jul. 12th, 2008 02:20 pm
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Woody just handed me the phone, saying, "It's someone conducting a survey or something."

As soon as I got the phone, they hung up. The CALLER ID read "UNKNOWN CALLER".

I don't do surveys. They're a waste of my time for starters, and I do not know who these people are. I don't trust them.

In Security, there's a name for concept of someone being nice and polite to you, and then "innocently" asking a few questions. It's called "Social Engineering".

Who are these people? Are they who they say they are? What do they want to know? Why do they want to know it? What business is it of theirs?
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I trimmed my LJ friends list of about a dozen people who were no longer posting. Some hadn't posted in months while others hadn't made a post THIS YEAR.

I don't suspect they'll notice. Shhh!
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The Bad News
  1. My truck stalled on the way to work, and wouldn't re-start.
  2. I left my cellphone at home.
The Good News
  1. Motorist "A" jumped out of his car and helped me push it onto the shoulder.
  2. Motorist "B" offered me the use of his cellphone, so I could call Woody and get rescued.
What's wrong? I'm either not getting a spark or I'm not getting any gas. I'll have it towed in Monday.


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