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There were four Raleigh shopping centers/malls that forbid city busses from entering their property. Articles appeared in the local papers and on the local news. The Raleigh city council started investigating matters. Suddenly, two of the properties, Brier Creek and Towne North, have reversed their decision and have agreed to once again allow city busses onto their property.

Read the article: Shopping center to allow buses again.
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I live on the border between Raleigh and Durham, just off US 70 (Greenwood Ave.) A few miles to the south of here, in Raleigh, there are two new twin shopping centers - Alexander Crossing and Brier Creek Commons. The smaller Alexander Crossing (with a Wal*Mart Supercenter) allows busses onto its property. The larger Brier Creek Commons (with a Target Greatland) does not.

I've sent a letter of complaint into (the corporate offices of) Target. They've responded by saying it's the mall owners decision, not theirs. I responded by saying that the policy is not in their best interests of Target for various reasons, and that as a major tenant, they have the pull with the landlord to get the policy changed. 

I went on to point out that the local Wal*Mart does get the bus service and that I might decide to patronize businesses who rent where busses are allowed.

I drive. The bus policy has no effect on my life. Even if busses were allowed, I couldn't/wouldn't take a bus to the local Target.

The whole bus policy thing strikes me as being a little classist. It's like they want to exclude people who don't drive for some strange reason, and that bothers me. 

Certainly, I don't have the inclination to "hold my breath" until the policy is changed, but I'm wondering if I'm just off on a tangent. 

So, my question to you is, "Do you think that a policy which does not allow busses onto mall property is classist?"

The lines are open. 

UPDATE: While I was away on vacation, the controversy has continued to boil. It seems that American Asset Corporation, the developers of Brier Creek Commons, promised bus access as a condition for letting them develop Brier Creek Commons. They have since backed away from that agreement. 

Incidently, the Chairman and Founder of American Asset Corporation is named Riprand Count Arco


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