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Premium SaraLee Heart Healthy Wheat Hot Dog Buns

Buns that are so delicious, you won't believe how good they are for your heart.
See side panel for information regarding saturated fat, cholesterol and heart disease.

Uh, SaraLee? Somehow, I don't think the problem with hot dogs was the bun.
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I had an "epiphany" - a revelation - a few years back. I was reading about some diet in some magazine and I happened to see the "lunch" menu. It was a spoonful of tuna, a cracker and a carrot stick. That was it!

And, I immediately knew one of the secrets as to why diets don't work. Diets are designed for 120 lb women looking to drop ten pounds. Diets are never designed for, let's say, a 350 lb. man hoping to drop 150 lbs.

Many years ago, I happened to work with a guy named "Harry", and for whatever reason, Harry wasn't built like you standard big man. Harry was built like a BBW. He was all ass.

I'm not sure how much Harry weighed, but I think he'd probably be in the 350 lb. range. One day, Harry had walked in, talking away about his newest project. He had joined some new diet scheme whereby you eat carefully prepared, nutritionally-balanced, pre-packaged meals.

The way it worked was, you announced how much weight you wanted to lose and paid an upfront initiation fee based on that amount of weight. Then, you paid an additional amount for the glorified TV dinners that they'd provide. I believe Harry had announced that he wanted to lose 75 lbs.

After a few minutes, I thought, "Gee. Shouldn't you first say you want to lose 20 lbs., and see if this scheme works?"

How is it that diet plans can advertise their "successes" as "results not typical"?


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