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Yesterday, I changed the clothes rack that I made Woody into a "chest of wire baskets". It's s shelving unit, with wire baskets or "bin", in place of shelves. The idea is that it lets caregivers see what clothes are available and grab them easily.

I went through Woody's clothes and removed about eight the large red t-shirts. The nursing home laundry tends to shrink Woody's clothes, and the t-shirts are starting to run small. Its better if I replace the t-shirts with extra-large shirts.

Last night, I picked up two red sweatshirts and four pair of sweatpants. I'll give them to Woody after I mark them.

Woody has a second shelving unit that I plan on converting to a small clothes rack, today. I've ordered the parts, and I'll pick them up later today at The Container Store at Glenwood and Creedmore.

Yesterday and today, I took a break from protein shakes and had Eggbeaters omelets. Yesterday, I made on with mozzarella, today, I used sliced turkey breast and Swiss.

I've been monitoring my blood sugar closely, and I've skipped my insulin injection because it wasn't needed. My blood sugar is in range, without it.

Doug just sent me a txt msg. He's driving in from Asheville to see me.
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Woody can never remember our phone number. Or, our address.

So, I went out to VistaPrints and had some business cards made up. I even bought him a little case that he can carry a dozen or so cards with him.

Do they work?

Surprisingly, yes. We needed to give our name and address to the tennis coach last night. Rather than trying to find a slip of paper and something to write with, Woody took out his wallet, pulled out one of his cards and said, "Here. Let me give you my card."

Damn. I was so proud!
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A group out of Cary, NC was trying to interest people into signing up for an adult tennis camp. To generate interest, they gave away some FREE trial tennis lessons at the local Gold's Gym.

We showed up tonight... and were the only ones (besides the instructor) that did. This does not bode well.

I was hoping that they'd hold the camp, and maybe Woody could make some "tennis friends" to play with.

I reluctantly told the instructor that if it came down to them needing one more warm body so they'd run the camp, I would sign up. (Tennis really isn't my thing.)

But, if it gets some exercise into Woody - sigh - I 'spose I'll have to.
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Woody is retired, and no longer needs to file his income tax returns. Unless, of course, he wants to take part in the President's "Ecomomic Stimulus Program". Then, he'll need to file.

Of course, in order to file, he'll need his 1099 forms. The one from Social Security, and the one from his pension provider.

Now, I know we had the one from his pension provider. I distinctly remember pointing it out to Woody and telling him we had best hang on to it if he wanted his tax refund. So, where is it now?

"What form?"

Yeah. I thought so.
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I woke up about 10:30 pm last night. (For some strange reason, when one works the night shift, you want to sleep all day and stay awake all night!)

In any event, about 5:30 am, I decided to make a pot of coffee. I went to get the coffee filter out of the brewer and WTF? The coffee filter was filled with a black tarry mess. Evidently, somebody tried to make a pot of coffee using three coffee measures of Taster's Choice instant coffee, instead of the Folger's ground coffee.

I'm gonna have to have another talk with Woody.
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Woody and I dropped by the 9th Broad Street Café in Durham, and...

Evidently, I did not see the memo. It doesn't look like they have Bears' Coffee there any more. Bummer.


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