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I'm coming up to my third anniversary with the anonymous network security company (ANSC). In addition, "Mr. McStarbux", the guy that hired me three years ago, is leaving the company.

I thought I should get him something. So, what should I get him?

I bought him a set of those D12/coffee dice in a nice satin dice bag. That way, he'll know where the coffee was made at his new job. (He was a big time "coffee-holic".)

And, I got him a nice leather die cup with five D6 dice. The sentiment being that if you're going to "roll the die" and get a new job, do it in style.
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So, how'd work go? You were worried.
Actually, it went very well. I wasn't the only one monitoring, and I could get the attention of the next level up, much of the time. If the rest of the month goes like this, they may not get me back on nights.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]The compensation (or lack thereof) certainly can.
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I came home today after running some errands. There was a message on my cellphone from the boss.
  1. Could I come in and cover for one of the other analysts, whose son took ill.
  2. Could I come in tomorrow (during the day) for training.
You bet! I want the extra money!
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[RED ALERT! ringtone]
Griz: Hello?
Boss: Hello, Griz? Jason is sick and I was wondering if you could work tonight.
G: Yeah, sure.
B: Thanks! You know we'll pay you for it.
G: Yeah.
B: You're a lifesaver! [CLICK!]
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TPTB at the office have decided to pay us every two weeks instead of twice a month. In the memo e-mail they sent out explaining all this, they said that salaried employees (such as myself) would be paid for 80 hours work every two weeks.

I think someone needs to take a look at the schedule. In a 14-day period, I work three 12-hour shifts one week, and four 12-hour shifts the next. That's 84 hours. Not 80.

UPDATE: The payroll department sent me an e-mail stating that I used to be get 1/24th of my annual salary twice a month. Now, I'll get 1/26th of my annual salary every two weeks.


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