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The roommate decided he liked my new RAZR... (drama-free) )

25 Ringtones

I have two rhetorical questions: (I don't need an answer.) How come I can get a full 3-minute song off iTunes for 99ยข, but if I want to buy that same song as a 15-second "ringtone" from the phone company, it's gonna cost either $1.99 or $2.49? Simply put, "wuddupwiddat"?

And, please tell me why most of the 25 different selections they give me as buyable ringtones are hip-hop/rap? Can't I get something that sounds like a telephone ringing? The sudden blaring of a "gangsta rap" selection in the middle of a corporate environment is so disconcerting, and that at&t tone is going to drive me bonkers!

ICE, ICE, baby.

In South Florida, there was a campaign to have everyone add a new entry to the phone book of their cellphones and label it "ICE". Should something catastrophic happen and rescuers find you, they'll know who to call by dialing the number for "ICE" - "In Case of Emergency".
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Whose idea was it to put pockets in swim trunks?

On my vacation last week, I slipped my cellphone into the pocket of my swim trunks, headed down to the motel pool and ended up buying a new Motorola RAZR V3xx. (The old phone was BEYOND wet.)

Now, I had been wanting a RAZR since they first came out, but I like to be "low-maintenance". I just don't need any of that fancy stuff like browsers and cameras and MP3 players. Just a plain ol' basic phone would do quite nicely, thank you.

Well, I've been re-evaluating that position. Try holding a cellphone up to your ear for more than a few minutes and you end up playing "hot potato" for the length of the call. First, you have it up to the right ear. Then, it's over to the left, back to the right, over again to the left...

It's also not easy to chat on the cellphone when you're driving the a pick-up with manual steering and a manual transmission. You need about three hands. One to steer, one to shift, and one to hold the phone.

A headset would be an answer, except the wired variety tends to get hopeless tangled in the seatbelt and shoulder harness. A wireless headset wouldn't have those problems, and by wireless, we mean Bluetooth.

We are the bearg.

As the guy at the at&t store said, "Resistance is futile." If you want a Bluetooth headset, you're going to have to get the added features: the browser, the calendar, the still camera, the video camera, the downloadable ring tones, the downloadable graphics, the games, the MP3 player, the... STOP!

"Welcome to the collective."


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