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I stopped by the CVS/pharmacy to pick up a fresh supply of insulin when one of the displays caught my eye.

Russell Stover Chocolate Easter Eggs

The new manager saw me take a second look and asked if he could help me find something. I remarked on the Chocolate Easter Eggs. He told me that some of the Valentine's Day candy went on display last week.

(While we're on the subject, can we start the 2009 Inaugurals now?
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When Dominic was alive, I could always count on things "disappearing" and "re-appearing" around the house. (Dominic was always quick to deny that he had anything to do with anything's disappearance.)

Griz: Dominic, do you have any idea where the potato masher might have gone?
Dominic: I had NOTHING to do with it! NOTHING! I don't know WHY you always accuse me of stealing things!
Not only have things "disappeared" from time-to-time, things "appear" that shouldn't be around.

Like the third Bissell carpet cleaner. Woody bought a small handheld unit for "spots". That's one. I went and bought a larger unit to do rooms. That's two. So, where'd that third one come from in the garage? The last house was tiled.

Then, there are a few mysterious articles of clothing that have appeared. One was a brown jacket that appeared in ther box of my truck. It's a nice jacket. Brown. Microfiber. XL.

Now, if it's XL, it's certainly not my size. Woody was an L, now an M. Dominic was XL, but, if this was Dominic's, what's it doing in the box of my truck?
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I saw this rather stocky guy at a restaurant the other night. He looked like the type you just know is going to be fairly hairy and have a hairy back, but, there was something about his haircut that wasn't right.

I thought it rather strange that he didn't have any hair on the back of his head from say mid-ear on down. This would generally be the area where the back hair meets up with the head hair, and it was smooth for some reason.

Then, I noticed that he had a rather substantial "ring" of hair around a big bald spot on top. It looked like his hairline kept receeding after a hair transplant, and that as his bald spot grew, he must've ran out of sites to get the hair from. (Oops!)


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