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When my big sister isn't singing the praises of Sarah Palin, she has an active social life exchanging "cutesey" e-mails with other office workers.

Her latest is behind the cut. )
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Dreaded Desktop Meme
Exhibit "A"
Do you ever get the feeling that you really don't fit in
with the other kids?

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The Everything Card
The Everything Card

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My mother's signature dessert had to be her Jell-O molds. She'd start with a your basic lime Jell-o mix, but she'd substitute a half-pound of Philadelphia cream cheese for a cup of the cold water. She'd then stir the Jell-O until the cream cheese had thoroughly dissolved, then add a can of well-drained pineapple chunks.

On year, she decided to be daring. Instead of using pineapple chunks, she decided to use fresh cranberries and chopped nuts. (I imagine she was trying to make a holiday wreath in Jell-O.)

As she mixed everything, the cranberries popped, releasing their purple juices into the bright green Jell-O. The Jell-O started to turn gray.

My mom was horrified. She asked me what she could do and I suggested that her only option was to add some food coloring. She chose green. It was a bad move.

The more green food color she stirred in, the more cranberries would pop. The Jell-O became grayer and grayer.

She stopped and thought for a minute. She had exhausted all the time she had to spend on this, and now had no time left. She had other things to do.

She put it the Jell-O mixture into the mold to set up.

When she served it, it was a perfect shade of Battleship Gray.

The next year, she used orange Jell-O in her recipe.
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 It seems that some folks are gonna get their panties in a bunch over the Snickers SuperBowl commercial.

I, for one, thought it was funny. I thought it was funny because IT POKES FUN AT HOMOPHOBIA!

Get a grip, people!


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