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Premium SaraLee Heart Healthy Wheat Hot Dog Buns

Buns that are so delicious, you won't believe how good they are for your heart.
See side panel for information regarding saturated fat, cholesterol and heart disease.

Uh, SaraLee? Somehow, I don't think the problem with hot dogs was the bun.
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My mother's signature dessert had to be her Jell-O molds. She'd start with a your basic lime Jell-o mix, but she'd substitute a half-pound of Philadelphia cream cheese for a cup of the cold water. She'd then stir the Jell-O until the cream cheese had thoroughly dissolved, then add a can of well-drained pineapple chunks.

On year, she decided to be daring. Instead of using pineapple chunks, she decided to use fresh cranberries and chopped nuts. (I imagine she was trying to make a holiday wreath in Jell-O.)

As she mixed everything, the cranberries popped, releasing their purple juices into the bright green Jell-O. The Jell-O started to turn gray.

My mom was horrified. She asked me what she could do and I suggested that her only option was to add some food coloring. She chose green. It was a bad move.

The more green food color she stirred in, the more cranberries would pop. The Jell-O became grayer and grayer.

She stopped and thought for a minute. She had exhausted all the time she had to spend on this, and now had no time left. She had other things to do.

She put it the Jell-O mixture into the mold to set up.

When she served it, it was a perfect shade of Battleship Gray.

The next year, she used orange Jell-O in her recipe.
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I made it to the grocery store today to get my supplies for Thanksgiving.

  1. Thawing turkey carcass breast (minus wings and legs)
  2. Spiral-sliced ham for Woody (who REFUSES to eat any kind of fowl).
  3. Pepperidge Farm Sage and Onion Stuffing
  4. Instant mashed potatoes
  5. Canned green beans
No. We aren't doing any form of sweet potato, with or without miniature marshmallow. I may take a can of pumpkin pie filling and whip that into a crustless reduced-sugar pumpkin custard casserole.

I think I'm gonna pass on the ubiquitous green bean - cream of mushroom soup - fried onion ring casserole and may just go with kitchen aliced green beans and slivered almonds. Leftover gb-coms-ffor casserole always looked a bit gross afterwards.

No crescent rolls. But, there WILL be cranberries! And, I'm going to try make my annual attempt at screwing up replicating Mom's celery-onion-sage stuffing. (It's amazing how badly you can screw up something that really doesn't have a recipe.)

One little thing. I work Thursday meaning I sleep during the day. And, as I work Wednesday this week, I'll be sleeping during the day then, too.

So, Tuesday, Tuesday it is!
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Some of the things that make me feel old are the changes in food technology.

Modern pretzels aren't twisted anymore. They're stamped out in an two dimensional approximation of their classical 3-D shape.

Ginger snaps are also stamped out. Their surface cracks are now part of a design pressed into them during manufacturing.

Hershey bars with Almonds now seem to contain mere bits of almonds, rather than whole almonds like they used to. (My father will spin in his grave!)

The list goes on and on.

Stuffed olives are the latest casualty in the race to culinary "perfection". It used to be that stuffed olives contained a folded bit of an actual pimento. No more. Those have been replaced by a little capsule-shaped plug made from guar gum and pimento.

I first noticed it a few weeks ago. My "jalapeno stuffed" olives were stuffed with something resembling a green seedless grape.

What is this world coming to?
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I'm going to let you in on a little secret that I've discovered about tenderizing, marinating and flavoring steaks. You marinate your steaks in pickle brine - specifically, Kosher Dill Pickle Brine.

Now, before you dismiss this idea as that of a crank, let me explain how I came up with this idea. It all started with McCormick Montreal Steak Seasoning.

If you were ever to sprinkle some McCormick Montreal Steak seasoning onto the palm of your hand and taste it, you'd taste salt, garlic and surprisingly, dill - pretty much the top three ingredients for Kosher Dill Pickle Brine, wouldn't you say? Wait, there is more.

When I lived in South Florida, I was introduced to Mojo Criollo (mo-ho cree-oy-oh) or Creole Marinade. It's a mixture of salt, vinegar and garlic - almost like a pickling brine. You marinate your meat, pork or chicken in this, then cook as normal. It does some wonderful things to the meat and I've used it many times.

Some time ago, I bought a jar of steakhouse pickles and right on the label, they talked about saving the pickle brine to be used as - you guessed it! Steak marinade!

Does the pickle brine make the steak taste like pickles?

How long do you marinate the steak?
Start with a half-hour and go from there. You'll soon find the level that you like the best.


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