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Just the treadmill. Kept it slow - 2.7 mph. The BP has been running a bit high. Don't wanna blow a vessel or somethin'. Did a half hour.
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Two sets of Fifteen, plus EIGHT.

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Two sets of fifteen, plus an additional FOUR.

(Yes, I DO realize that these constant announcements are getting to be a bit of a bore for y'all, but they help give me a bit of EXTRA motivation to keep doing them. Plus, since I feel the results of these things every waking moment, I am being continually reminded about them. Oh yeah! And, they feel good!... One more thing. I promise I'll post some pictures soon. You may regret ever wanting to look, but I'll stick them behind an LJ cut, so the choice will be yours. In any event, don't feel like you HAVE TO give me any words of encouragement or even read these things if you don't want to. I'll still continue to do push-ups or run or whatever it is I'm going on and one about THIS time. Seriously. I will. I've done it before. I'll do it again. Seriously.)
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Two sets of fifteen each. (Doing them as one big set was killing me.)

The gym.

Mar. 12th, 2007 10:30 pm
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4.57 miles | 65 minutes | 1052 Calories | 8850 strides

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I think I've reached my limit. At doing them all as one set. I had just enough energy to finish the 28th, and that was it. 

I'm going to have to break these things into two different sets if I hope to do any more.  

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I work three or four nights a week and during my shift,


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