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Woody and I dropped by the 9th Broad Street Café in Durham, and...

Evidently, I did not see the memo. It doesn't look like they have Bears' Coffee there any more. Bummer.
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I consider myself to be an old-fashioned kind of bear - the kind that we had before we had the magazines, the clubs, the runs, the culture, the community and more varieties of bears than Heinz has pickles.

I first grew a beard and long hair in high school. It was at the tail end of the "hippie movement" and the whole "free love, do your own thing" idea appealed to me. I even had a '65 VW Beetle named after the Microbus in the Whole Earth Catalog!

My family hated my long hair and beard and pressured me into at least shaving my beard for the holidays, family functions and annual class pictures. I'd generally go along with the program, but I'd grow my beard back just as fast as I could!

Fashions changed, but I didn't. I kept my beard. In fact, the last time I completely shaved was 1982. I was looking for a job and the thought was that a clean-shaven man would stand a better chance of getting hired. I got the job and grew the beard back after passing my 90-day probationary period. (Incidently, shortly thereafter, I got my left ear lobe pierced. I generally don't wear an earring though.)

(By the way, a few years ago, speaking of jobs and beards, a number of years ago, I was ready to interview with a position for Nicklaus - the golfing equipment company. Despite the nickname, "the golden bear", ol' Jack has a thing against furry faces. I wouldn't shave and I did not get the interview.)

In the late-seventies, I got a job as a Field Engineer. I'd travel around the U.S. installing Material Handling Equipment. A typical installation could last several weeks to a month or more, and during that time, I'd make friends with some of the locals.

After getting to know me, these new friends would tell me that I was a bear - a big, cuddly teddy bear. In fact, they would refer to any of the stocky or chubby, hairy, bearded men they knew as bears. It wasn't until years later when we saw the publication of the magazines, and the beginnings of the culture and the community.

I consider myself to be an old-fashioned kind of bear because I was a bear before we had all the various modern definitions.


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