Jul. 24th, 2008

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Ah, yes. Thursday. The start of my official work week this week. (My work week starts Wednesday, next week.)

I should be sleeping. Resting up for the night shift, but I'm wide-eyed at this point. I think I got about 4 hours sleep last night.
Woody is mad at me - for what, I don't know. But, he tends to get into a snit if I raise my voice, and in this madhouse, it can happen all too often. (At least I'm not screaming at the top of my lungs any more.)
Anyway, with the work week starting, all other aspects of my life go on hold. During the day, I have 11-½ hours to get all my sleep, feed Woody, and take care of the emergencies that must be dealt with immediately. Emergencies that can be put off (like the truck) will get dealt with on Monday at the earliest.
Went to the dentist yesterday. The hygenist was getting all over my case about not flossing and telling me that I have to make time FOR ME. She came about thisclose to making me angry, and with the amount of BP meds I'm on, that takes some doing.

I need to speak with my dentist about her. (Done.)

Yes. I do need to take some time FOR ME, but I'll tell you, if and when I can scrape up the time FOR ME, it's not going to be spent flossing. To be honest, I hear that new Batman movie is pretty good. What's it called? Oh, yeah. "Batman Begins". I've been meaning to see it.
The Sleep Center just called. My doctor wants me to go in for a C-PAP Study on the Tuesday, the 29th. So, in addition to being "grandfathered-in", I'm being "certified" as a living, snoring bear. Doncha just love it?

I suppose I better start thinking up ideas for the tattoo.
Breakfast this morning was a bowl of General Mills Fiber One, with Silk Light Vanilla Soymilk topped with sliced strawberries (in Splenda) and frozen blueberries. God, I feel healthy!
DAMN! Did I forget to reset my LDAP password last week?
I better get to sleep. 5 pm comes awfully early.


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