Jul. 22nd, 2008

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I could have sworn that Battlestar Galactica, Season 2 - Disk 1 was placed in the mailbox. So, after waiting a few weeks to hear from Netflix, I was stumped.

I filled out a lost disk report online and received Disk 2 a few days later. The new disk arrived and went unnoticed. I finally started watching it yesterday.

And, there, under a pile of papers on my desk, was Battlestar Galactica, Season 2 - Disk 1 already sealed in it's return envelope, read to go back.
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When Dominic was alive, and I had three to cook for, I'd buy meat in 1 lb. packages. That'd be one 4 oz. serving for Woody, one 4 oz. serving for Dominic, one 4 oz. serving for me, and, look at that poor lonely porkchop. Nom nom nom. Where'd it go?

Now that it's just Woody and me, the situation is even worse.

So, I've had to "adjust". I've started "portion control".

When I get back from the grocery, I divide the meat into 4 oz. portions. I put each portion in a cheap store brand sandwich bag, and put those bags into a larger Zip-loc freezer bag.

Later, when I go to cook, I have the individual portions already broken out, ready to go.
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The mechanic says that the OBD code is pointing to "Random Misfirings" and is caused by the old engine (180,000+ miles) needing a valve job.

The fact that the "CHECK ENGINE" light didn't come on until AFTER they replaced the distributor, cap, rotor, wires and plugs has nothing at all to do with the "Random Misfirings".

Are they trying to sell me swampland in Florida?

UPDATE: The local Ford/Isuzu dealer thinks it could be a cracked plug, bad sparkplug wire, etc., and that a good mechanic would double-check his work.

Now, what?
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A is for Advent Sleep (Tainted Love)
B is for The Bastard Fairies (We're All Going to Hell)
C is for Captain Dan And The Scurvy Crew (Mutiny)
D is for Dabrye (Temper)
E is for Eduardo Mata & London Symphony Orchestra (Carmina Burana)
F is for Firebrand Boy (Famous)
G is for Guy Gross (Theme from Farscape)
H is for Hurra Torpedo (Total Eclipse of the Heart)
I is for Israel Kamakawiwo'ole (Somewhere Over The Rainbow)
J is for Jack Ingram (Auld Lang Syne)
K is for Kelis & Markita (Mafia)
L is for Lana Lane (In the Court of the Crimson King)
M is for M.I.A. (Galang)
N is for The Neaderthal Spongecake (Bang A Gong)
O is for Old Crow Medicine Show (James River Blues)
P is for Paza (Spacespaghetti)
Q is for Queen (Bicycle Race)
R is for Rasputina (You Don't Own Me)
S is for Studio Group (The Little Blue Man)
T is for The Timelords (What Time Is Love)
U is for Uakti (Japurá River)
W is for William Coulter (After the Gold Rush)
X is for Xinon (Hellboy)
Y is for Yerzmyey (Yerzmix Part 4)
Z is for ZZTop (Let me Be Your "Teddy Bear")


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