Jul. 21st, 2008

grizzlyzone: (- Check Engine)
I called the mechanic today.

TK: My Zone, this is Diane. I was extremely short-handed on Friday and I wasn't able to get your truck taken into the facility that has the diagnostic scanner. And, it looks like I'm going to be short-handed again today. So, you can either take the truck up there yourself, or we can keep it until we're able to get it up there ourselves.

The "CHECK ENGINE" light is on. It may be nothing, but I can recall a time when the late Dominic drove around all day with a "CHECK ENGINE" light on. He seized the engine of his car a mile from the house.

We kidded him about it for months afterwards, saying that were were going to replace the "CHECK ENGINE" light with big flashing light that said, "STOP CAR. CALL WOODY."

Driving a truck with a lit "CHECK ENGINE" light? I'm not happy.
grizzlyzone: (- Check Engine)
TK2: Mr. Zone? This is Juan Carlo over at the TK. It seems that one of our technicians left the software for the '95 Isuzu at home. You can either pick up your truck now (and drive around with the "CHECK ENGINE" light lit), bringing it back in the morning; or you can leave it here and our technician will get to it first thing tomorrow.


Griz: Go ahead and keep it over night.

I thought that "I left my homework at home" excuse was rendered invalid after high school!


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